Discussion about Algarve FabFarm

We are located in the western Algarve, Portugal in a secluded farmland, 20 minutes from beautiful surf beaches.

Our Farm Lab besides the usual fab lab equipment will have around 9 rooms for guests and a few more rooms for sponsored residents and staff. The Farm Lab will be inside the farmland and it will aim to serve 4 types of public:

  • The locals: specially farmers interested in developing new techniques and equipment with the support of the Farm Lab;
  • Startups or companies: that will have a refugee from the city distractions and noise to best complete their projects;
  • Residents: that we will host for free as long as they have relevant projects around farming;
  • Occasional hackers/makers in vacation that wants to enjoy the near by beach and farm land but want to go back to the lab everyday.

We already have the land and a small 3D printer, a laser engraver. More equipment arriving in March including a CNC and other tools.

Come and volunteer with us to help make this dream come true!


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Hi, I would be interested in coming to stay on your FabFarm, I’m currently working on a project to develop tools for processing flax and hemp into fabric. I’m starting an Msc in Fashion and Textile Management in January, but it will be taught 100% online due to covid, so I’m looking for somewhere I can get hands on access to making tools. I’m hoping the prototypes I develop will link fibre farmers to local artisans and designers, connecting regenerative agriculture to ethical fashion. Could you let me know if its possible to apply? I would like to come next year for a month or two between January and May. Thanks for your help, Rosie.

Hi Rosie, I only saw your post now as for some reason there was no notification for me. Yes you can apply if you are still interested. Please email: info@fabfarm.org best regards,