Give advice to start a new Fablab and search for online Fablab courses

Hi everyone, My name Hoa Tươi 9x

We are preparing to open a third space with a Fablab in a cultural center in Ramallah, Palestine.
We need help to find some not very expansive machines like 3D printer and CNC milling machine.

I’m also looking for some online courses on how to use these machines and to make activities in a Fablab.

Thank you in advance

Hallo twelcome to the community. Do you already have some website. What is the goal of your fablab in Ramalla?

There are quite some people in the community in your area that I can connect you with and who can help you.

In terms of online course I would go to youtube first and go from there.

Also there is an online conference happening with many workshops soon. The tickets are free.

Hi HoaTuoi9x,

Welcome to this forum and to the fab community!

Great that you are preparing a new fablab. There is only one fablab registered so far in Palestine, i.e. Makerspace Nablus, Fab Lab Palestine | FabLabs. And the Institute for Community Partnership (ICP) at Bethlehem University is interested to set-up one. Also in Jordan there are a number of fablabs, like Techworks in Amman and one in Irbid. On you can find all the contact details of all fablabs. I hope you will register your new fablab there soon!

Regarding suppliers, i guess, your neigbour labs best oversee the local options. Further one of the Belgium fab labs is focusing on one-stop-shopping for starting fablabs. They sell relatively cheap versions of all machines as a package. Check: Fab Lab Factory at Home - FabLab Factory.

Which online courses are you looking for? If it is about setting-up and running a fablab, download the fablab-lifecycle report at It contains the experiences from fablabs from all over the world.

As Andy already recommended: within two weeks the fab community has a week long online conference, hope to meet you there!

All the best
Pieter van der Hijden