I need advices to establish a new Fablab and looking for online Fablab courses

Hello everyone,

We are preparing to open a third space with a Fablab in a cultural center in Ramallah, Palestine.
We need help to find some not very expansive machines like 3D printer and CNC milling machine.

I’m also looking for some online courses on how to use these machines and to make activities in a Fablab.

Thank you in advance


Hi Mohammed,

Maybe “fab lab factory” in Belgium could be of interest for you. They have the fablib concept aiming at fablabs in libraries, sell the set of machines, have on online system (Learn Make Share) with courses and activities (also in English). See: https://fablabfactory.com/en/

If you are interested in their system instead of the content; it is the Moodle Learning Management System; in Ramallah serviced by Eummena (TechnoPark).

More on the management side of setting-up a fablab: https://bit.ly/fablablifecycle.

All the best from Amsterdam,
Pieter van der Hijden

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