Looking for our teacher

Hi. I’m sho at FabLab Kobe @ JAPAN from 2018.
Now, we are preparing for the adding our name on the global FabLab network, and selecting referee lab. We have to select 3 labs from near lab geographically but at the same time, we need global communication deeply.
So we are looking for our teacher lab.
Our needs are below.
If your interested in our lab. Please tell us.


  1. Join our slack, we make channel for global (now, all Japanese)
  2. Think about co-work project (scoping, community building, planning, sensing, awareness, action, legacy, those steps from smart citizens kit.)
  3. Referee us

Here is a mask we made.

For example, At summer we have a light up event at Japanese garden.

And star festival collaboration with FABLATKIDS.