Mobile lab category

This has been also raised as an issue in github. It is just adjusting the lab categories to:

Fab lab
Mini fab lab
Mobile fab lab
(Super fab lab?)

For the mobile lab the aim is set live coordinates so that you can follow them. But for now I would just create the category.

And also removing the planned from category. That would fit better in another table of the database called status. Status could have for example the following fields:

Temporary closed


Nice idea, there is also the ideia do categorise FabLabs for what can do, the “power of 10 model”. And for that should they be evaluated on an inventory? There should be a different inventory for each “power of 10”?

1K - Micro?
10K - Mini
100K - Normal
1000K - Super?
1M - Ultra?

The Status one is a very nice idea!

Thanks for the suggestions! They imply a reorganization of all labs, and the self-assessment of each category/property might be critical. I’ve already opened an issue on GitHub, we can keep the discussion in both places (but of course GitHub is were this will be then developed, decided and tracked). Of course we’ll keep you updated here as well.

The issue is here:

Feels to me like a way for 1M,1000k (1000k is 1M right?) to stand out. I don’t think there should be a difference… or should there be? … could actually be interesting… that way I could find 1k fablabs to visit.

I could agree on mobile though