Security inside FABLABS

Greetings. I am new in, and I’m happy to be here.

I am an Executive Assistant at Pontifical University of Chile, and we are starting a FABLAB in the Research Department for students and researchers; however there are still some things that need to be supervised and evaluated.
What I want to ask is if someone knows of a Security Protocol Evaluation for FABLABS, you know, to see if a machine counts with the necessary security, if the lab counts with security equipment, like globes, glasses, extinguishers, etc. Is there some model of Security Protocol for FABLABS? What else should include? How do you evaluate if a FABLAB is good for use and if it has enough security meassures? I would be grateful if someone could give me an answer or, at least, send an example of a protocol to use as a guideline.

Thank you for your attention and time.

Just a thought, but don’t think in terms of Security, but in terms of Safety.

Automated machines act as Force Multipliers, so while you can build things more easily, your mistakes will also become larger and more dangerous.

Teach Safe Working Practices from the very beginning.

This will also have the advantage that the products that the FabLab users create will reflect this, so you will end up with an overall higher quality of resulting work.

Yes, I think is more a matter of safety in that case :slight_smile:
The topic for fablabs is rather interesting, we are looking for ways of regulating its use inside the university and for it to be safe and entertaining at the same time.
Thank you for answering, we will take everything into consideration. It was really helpful.