We want our students to experience learning

Hello everyone,
We want our students to experience learning about other Fab Labs in the network, both at the school level and at the college level. This will allow us to learn about and discuss projects under development around the world and create new possibilities for collaboration.
Thank you!

Hi, just some suggestions:

  • The Fab Lab register at fablabs.io gives you many details on fablabs, eg Asian fablabs. By some data engineering your students could retrieve relevant information on a selection of labs and use it to find interesting labs to cooperate with.
  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a great frame of reference for identifying the social "DNA’ of fablabs. Until now 225 fablabs have developed s SDG profile (2-4 SDGs, out if 17) that describe them best. You can find an interactive map of these labs (to be filtered and clicked) at https://bit.ly/fablist-sdgs.
  • Also other international school etworks might be source of information, eg iEARN

What do you think about it?

All the best,
Pieter van der Hijden

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