3D printing platform for FabLab wants to incorporate Lasercutting too


We have a platform for managing 3D printers remotely used for FabLabs / Makerspaces and want to manage lasercutters as well. Is it possible to connect a lasercutter to a Raspberry Pi or control it other ways?


Hi Christoffer,

I don’t have the answer to your question, I’m sorry. However, I am interested in the platform you’re using for managing 3D printers remotely.
I’m a volunteer for a FabLab that’s being set up in my area. We have a modest farm of 3D printers that need to be managed. I was wondering how other FabLabs are handling this. Do you have any info on your platform that you can share?

Thank you,

Hi Ruben,

Mostly, it’s just about testing the platform for you to judge the best.

All you need is a little setup gear. It’s a bit easier if you jump straigth to Simplyprint.io and hit the green livechat box in the right corner. Then we will answer immediately. Whenever you have time :slight_smile:


It’s really interesting platform for 3D printers.

Assy Kay UK