Adding subtitles for the Fab Academy lectures


During fab14 it was mentioned that we should make subtitles for the Fab Academy lectures. I think this could be a valuable addition that would help not just hearing impaired but also improve students understanding in general.

I also think it could be rewarding and worthwhile to help subtitle the fab academy lectures and I think it could be a fun project to collaborate on.

We should start with one lecture to get going, and then repeat the process on the others, I think we could get volunteers to do a few min each if we host the subtitle files sensibly and make it easy to contribute.

What we need to get going: (please help with this, something is much better than nothing)

  1. The first of the latest Fab Academy video lectures needs to be put through a voice to subtitle generation program. This will be full of errors but should provide a structure with timestamps.
  2. The automatically generated text file is hosted publicly so that volunteers can start fixing it.
  3. People volunteer some of their time to make edits to the file and practice their git-skills.
  4. The text file is added as a closed-captions option to the official lecture video.

Bonus goals:
5. The text file can be translated into other languages
6. The text file can be posted online and links to resources and explanations can be added.

There are circa 30 h of lectures (1800 minutes) and I volunteer to subtitle at least 10 min personally.

Alternatively we could purchase subtitles commercially for about $90 / lecture ($1/min). So if somebody can get hold of $1800 in accessibility funds then please just make it happen that way.

Is there already somebody working on this or is there a plan to purchase subs? Until we hear a clear “YES I FIX” I suggest we start working on it volunteer-based to make it happen. Sitting and waiting for someone else to do the work rarely makes things happen.

Could you do the next step to keep this going?

Taking a note from language documentation work, would a tool like ELAN be helpful for this type of project?

Hi Jakob good question! I want to know more, thanks.