Anyone going to Fab23

Hi everyone, I am new here. Wanted to connect with anyone else that is going to Fab23. Anyone heading to Bhutan in July?

Hi, I’m Johnatan Prado-Lopez. I’ll be there. Can’t wait to meet people. This will be my first time participating in a Fablab event. I’ll be there early for the FabLab Challenge as well. My background is in Industrial Design & UI/UX. I’m interesting in collaborating with other disciplines.

Hope I run into you there Troy.

Hi Johnathan,
Yeah this is my first one as well. That’s great that you are in the challenge, would love to help if I can. I was too late in applying for the challenge.

btw are you in the WhatsApp group? I just found out about it today

New to this site would love to hear about how you liked FAB23
and would appreciate info on the WhatsApp group.