Approved FabLab but not visible in the list ...?


We expect to be present in the FabLabs list.
For that, I have used the “Add Lab” button and after that, I have received a mail (October 15, 2015) saying:
"Your lab CampusFab Toulouse University 3 - Toulouse - Midi-Pyrenees - France, was approved by the designated referee it is now awaiting for admin approval.
Since this mail, our FabLab is not yet visible on the site …
Is there one more thing to do, in order to be present into this list ?

Thanks for your help !

How was this solved?
I obtained a notification mail 28/11/2017 that my lab was approved:

Your lab Ingegno Maker Space, was approved by one of the designated referees. -
You will receive more information soon.
You can check your lab profile at:

However, as of today, that page still does not exist? So I’m wondering who can I contact about this apart from this forum thread?


I asked directly by mail and then I received another mail with the confirmation of the creation of the page.

I don(t remember, but I suppose that I sent a message to ?


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