Avilab // Fablab Avignon

Started by an ancient member of the “AV lab Strasbourg”, thanks a lot to them for being out there !
We are based near to the town center in "St Ruff"
Lunched in august 2015 this Fablab has all that the perfect maker needs :
A 3D printer, CNC mill, vinyl cutter. A complete woodworking space.
And at last but not least : A great community willing to help !

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Hello @ceritium, my name is Léo ETCHAAS, I help manage this lab.
I am proud to announce you that to this day we have 72 members (paid) and that we rent 100 m² solely for the Fablab. We are in partnership with “grand Avignon” (the city) and local businesses. I met my girlfriend at the Fablab and I so proud because I was elected “50 personalities of the city 2017” it is a perfect suite to my “Maker of Merit” back in 2015. At the “foire de Paris.”
Could you please be kind and add us to the map? We owe you so much. Thanks in advance. I’m available for a call anytime, on skype, discord or Facebook and what’s app. Please let me know :smiley:
Our great website
logo du site

By the way I was at the national festival “October Make” and we were one of the first placed on the national map. This demonstrate that we are well known by the French public and Fabmanagers.
Avilab Map Us!

We are also on Makery they met us at the fab-festival 2016 in Toulouse ! :smiley:
I remember meeting a nice girl from Makery there.
Screenshot from 2017-11-27 23-22-19
I remember eating with Sherry Lasiter by the way, maybe you still have my business card laying somewhere :wink: :star_struck:

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