Biofabrication and Biomaterials Working Group

After our working group at Fab15 in Egypt , we are opening a discussion where everyone can start contributing to the on going research of biomaterials and biofabrication.


  • What are the values, ethics and philosophy that drives the biomaterial development in the fab lab?
    ( examples, papers, state of art)

  • Can we share practices, educational methodology and recipes ?
    Can we implement a ¨git¨ where biomaterial recipes can be remixed and have various contributors?

  • Can we start implementing material libraries in the fab labs, having tangible samples with the same format and information ?

  • Can we collect testing machines developed in labs and open new groups for developments of machines that can test these materials?

  • How much energy does it take to create such biomaterials?

It would be great to start adding work already done and thoughts about how we can collectively develop a circular design approach and sustainable practices of digital fabrication.
The scope is to further understand material flows, how local materials can change from location to location and local traditions can create added value to fabrication.

TAGS: biomaterials, material protocols, new material recipes, custom machines, material libraries, material education, material flows


Use, protection and giving back natural vernacular resources.
(How to double back to nature what we use of it)

We have released some open access quick tutorials on biomaterial making, for the ones interested: