Bioplastics and New Materials for Digital Farbication

Does Someone have tested new bioplastics filaments for 3d printing and new materials for digital fabrication

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Yes we have used the TwoBears PLA and Silk pla and they are amazingly good…!
Their shop is under construction now but I’m sure you can find some more info online/youtube etc.
It’s well worth the extra money … it’s a really beautiful filament.
Good luck

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we are testing different bioplastics for 3D printing coming mainly from industrial food waste and industrial hemp.

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The green pieces are made from “Weed” (3d printing material from hemp inlforescence)…the brown pieces are made grom “Pruned” (3d printing material from pruning of orange).These materials are produced by Kanèsis (Italian company), and we are lucky enough to test some of them in preview



another interesting thing I’m trying to do, is the engrave and decorations on the 3D printed pieces


Good to hear! I am in search of bioelastomer/plastic for making shoe and boot soles, which has been very difficult to find in the US. I am looking at potentially large quantities, which makes it even more difficult for making large numbers of affordable boots/shoes.

Does anyone know of such a source?
Thank you!

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How do you make these materials? are they turned into filament?

n these years we have had the opportunity to test different types of bioplastics, collaborating with the different companies that created them and which we believe are among the first that have taken steps in this direction. Italian company named Kanèsis, produces 3 bioplastics obtained with the waste of hemp, Weed (with the inflorescences of industrial hemp) and HBP (with the shives of industrial hemp) and finally Tomato (obtained with tomato waste).
In the last year we have established a partnership with a company made in the USA and its name is 3DFuel (born in 2014), which we have an exclusive contract for Italy. This company produces 3 materials with which we are carrying out many projects.
Entwined (Obtained from the short fiber of industrial hemp), Wondup (obtained with the waste from coffee processing) and finally Buzzed (obtained with the waste from industrial beer processing). All these materials are biodegradable, based on PLA and without the addition of dyes (

the color is given by the biomass used to produce the material)

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