Calling Out For Help On Adding A New Lab to

I filled out the form in order to add a new lab by the name Fablab songpa.
And a couple days later, I received a e-mail saying welcome and the process started e.t.c(probably automatic e-mail).

So I was waiting for further instructions but nothing came. So after a few weeks of waiting I wrote to asking whether I should contact the refree labs myself or wait until further notice.

The e-mail I sent was never read so I thought with covid going on, the community might be down for a while. So I decided to wait a couple weeks, and recently I found that fablab sonpga was in progress by looking at the “add lab” page.

I don’t know if I should wait for further instructions or just contact my refree labs(which some of the labs I chose aren’t on the list now, therefore not sure which labs I should reach out to…)

I would be very thankful for some guidance from the community. Thank You.

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Hello, Here to inform of system maintenance on the Fab Lab platform, as a result of hacking.

Hola!! Yo tengo exactamente el mismo caso, esperé instrucciones para seguir con el proceso y nada, envié un correo a l a misma dirección, y no obtuve respuesta, mis arbitros tampoco los he encontrado, pareciera que esta muerto el sitio.
Intenté comenzar de nuevo el proceso pero dice que mi laboratorio ya está en la bese de datos, sin embargo no tengo actualizaciones

Hi. I would also be interested in what is happening with this as I am going to be applying to add a fab lab soon. @GreenBuri have you had any success?

@ClaireCB Not at the moment. After I posting this, I looked up past discussions in hope of finding a way to solve my problem. Not much was helpful but I saw a posting that said it took many more months for their lab to get on the map as well, so I’ve decided to let time solve the problem for now.