Can't pass aproval stage

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all having a nice day! I post this little message to check if I can do something to get our lab registered. I applied for registration 2 weeks ago, not knowing the importance of the referee labs. Unfortunately, I chose 3 “random” labs. After reading a while, I encountered that these labs must give their aproval to get registered. 2 of the labs, I was able to recover: and, but the third one has a generic FabLab logo, thus I’m not able to recover it. In the meantime, I contacted the webmasters but I got no answer (sorry guys if you didn’t have had the time to reply yet). I also e-mailed the opendot lab, I didn’t get an answer either. Lastly, I tried to contact hopelab by e-mail, but the DNS server failed to resolve their domain …

Is there anything I can do at this stage to get registered?

Any help is highly appreciated!

Hendrik Spildooren
Secretary of FabLab Klein-Brabant VZW


Good morning. I am in a similar situatio: artelaservzla.

Probably someone in the community can provide guidance on how to proceed.




Hi everybody,

We are in the exact same situation with our FabLab Créatech. I’d like to have some info too about the status of our demand. I did apply for registration on 7th of August and I had the only following automatic reply :
“Hi Thibault,
Thanks for submitting Créatech. It will be reviewed shortly. -”
Since that i had no news and didn’t find who to be in relation with in order to go further on the demand.
I was also in contact with the 3 referees FabLabs (some of them that I met in Fab14 in Toulouse) but some of the e-mails were obsolete and I can’t reach them directly (for FabLab Israel for instance, I can’t have a good e-mail…)

Thank you if anyone could help on this !

Best regards,
Fabmanager at Créatech
Saint-Jean, France /!/


We are in a similar situation.
One of the fablabs referee approved us, another is asking for a Skype call but we have no clue about the third.
Is there any way to change the referees?
Best regards,
Níobe, Level Up Studio,
Valladolid, Spain

We are in a similiar situation here at FabLab Guldborgsund. I’ve filled out every possible thing in the ‘Manage Lab’ tab and I don’t know how to change the referees… I know several people from danish FabLabs, but is it possible to get approved by these FabLabs instead?

Our lab:
Google maps walkthrough:,11.8701847,3a,75y,35.09h,85.11t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sAF1QipN3nLsdV3K1WjcdOuwndNO8kbBHFAFzzs_4nNoX!2e10!7i6000!8i3000
Facebook group:

Best regards
Stine Schmidt
Fabmanager FabLab Guldborgsund

Hello everybody.

I’m in the same situation you was. I remember the three lab I choose (Vancouver, Madrid and hope) but I didn’t understand that I need to contact them directly. I can do a such thing now, but before to do it I would like to know if you succeed in registration with this way, or must I do other thing to go ahead with that.
I ask for registration just few day before so hopping I’m not too fast but by reading your post I think the normal process is maybe not so easy.

Thanks a lot hopping you success in you task about that.


All you need is not only contact a FabLab, you have to make really contact to them, by text, conversation, participate in some works, not only choose them. This happens because the FabLab is a network, so, network needs contact.

Hi All,

I am in the same situation here, but I don’t even remember the labs I chose :confounded:in the application form

I was expecting the website to show the application details after submitting it, but I cannot find it anywhere!

Any help is appreciated,