Change management of a Fab Lab in

How do you transfer management of a Lab on to a new person so they can update information if no-one currently has access rights to do it? Fab Lab Adelaide was managed on by one person who has left without signing it over. DavidByworth would be the new manager of Fab Lab Adelaide but is unable to access it.

Hi Wendy,

Maybe a moderator can help you (@mverderau, maybe you?) or send an emil to exposing your problem (I used this method to delete my previous FabLab).

Thanks @alejandrocragnolini Emails have been sent to the webmaster and no response :confused:

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@FabLabWgtn … we need to edit the database directly, I’ve done it partially (it’s not that simple), could you please check if it works with @DavidByworth?

Just opened an issue for this on GitHub:

@openp2pdesign that appears to be working - I can now see the “Manage Lab” button when I log in and can action the changes to our address etc.

Thanks for your assistance.

Thanks to @FabLabWgtn too!