choice of fablab machines

Hello everybody .
Can you suggest me some machines to put in a school fablab laboratory that is not the usual machine that can be found in most fablab laboratories, something a little different and original.

Hi Luigi,

What do you mean different and original? One of the powers of the Fab Lab network is to be able to work together, and having similar machines (not brands) is a big part of that…

Perhaps you are not looking for a Fab Lab, but for a different kind of makerspace?


we already have the following machines:
laser cutting, vinyl cutting, fabric printing, 3d printer, robotic arm, arduino, raspberry, drone.
we would like to buy other interesting machines for high school but on the net we can only find the ones we already have.
for example, I had seen a nice thermoforming machine on the net but I don’t know which website I saw it on anymore.