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I am the Fab Manager of the Fab Lab in Ajaccio. I found our lab on your website Fab Lab Ajaccio | FabLabs.

Our Fab Lab is now a part of the Center of Sport and Jeunesse of Corsica. We have the same equipment and missions, but we are changing our location, our statutes, and our email contact information. You can see Fab Lab activity on our Instagram account here: David Pernicci (@fablabajaccio) • Instagram photos and videos

I am trying to change these pieces of information on website, but I can’t access the administration panel because I forgot the password, and I can’t change my password because I don’t have access to the email that was used to create the account.

Please can you help me with that?

I m trying to send an email at but it does’nt works.

Thanks for your help

Hi David,

AFAIK this is the way-out:

  1. First of all check that you have a personal account for

  2. Goto the existing Ajaccio page on

  3. Click “I Work Here” and fill your personal details.

  4. Now, you are on a kind of waiting list to be given access to the full admin panel of the Ajaccio page.

  5. Somebody from Ajaccio has to let your in. As there is probably nobody any more to do so, write an email to (sys admin) and ask her to let you in

Once, you can edit your Ajaccio page, you also mght consider to prepare a so-called SDG-profile for fablab Ajaccio.

For the interactive mindmap of all fablabs with SDG profiles, see

To add your fab lab to the map you have two options:

All the best,
Pieter van der Hijden