COVID-19 help! DIY advice! Replacements (3d printing, ...)!

Hi all international makers and hackers.

During the COVID-19 outbreak in Belgium right now, our medical services are out of mouth mask supplies. So we are creating a think tank to produce designs and advice for DIY mouth masks makers.

For now we seem to advice to use double-layered cotton and no elastics (so that the hospitals can wash the masks at 90°C) Also all input is welcome on advice on production steps and hacks for all other medical parts which are not available at the moment.

We need to share this information with other involved countries. Please join the conversation. Please share your expertise. Maybe your governments / scientific institutions can help? Please think along. Thank you.

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Hi Vincent,

have you seen this design?

I have been trying to download it from other links. Only the one above appears to work. Try save link as’.

I am printing it right now on a Makerbot Replicator 2. I am based in NZ though.


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Hi @mariamingallon,

Yes I have seen that design, from the group in Belgium I have seen the remark that they might not be flexible when you print them, so that they might not have a good fit around the nose.

Do you know of any maker communities in your country New Zealand working in an open way against Covid-19?

I will post this here for others as well:

This is a list of initiatives per country, of open civic tech communities who are trying to look for solutions against the covid-19 crisis and who you can join right now and ask for help or offer help:

At the bottom of the document you’ll see we are in the process of making a web development from this source document. Welcome to join our efforts!

Kind regards,


Hello, I’m a member of the Cambridge Makespace and makers often had the question, “We can make it, would hospitals use it?”

So I’m forwarding what I heard from the head of patient safety at a Swiss regional department for several hospitals:

What we seem to need most at the moment are surgical masks and FFP2 masks
(protective equipment for staff). Just in case you have a brilliant
idea. thanks for your thougths.

I can put people in touch.

@mmorin Nice to hear from you Miguel! What we want to do with our project is provide an overview of all makerspaces / tech communities / open on-line communities who want to find solutions against COVID-19, organised per country. This can greatly help communication. So feel free to check out our current database and find communities which might be able to give you advice.

Welcome for people interested to join our development via the Slack channel mentioned above.

We’ve begun a directory of COVID-19 crowd-sourced and medically supported resources here: - in the event there’s something useful there for labs.

Hope every one be fine ,

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God Bless everyone :pray: