Discussion about AEON Fab Lab

We are a non-profit association working hard to build and maintain a digital manufacturing laboratory, inspired by the worldwide Fab Lab network. We propose to bring together a community of makers with different skills and backgrounds, coupled with a modern manufacturing infrastructure, making it possible to manifest the New Digital Revolution on our common reality. By providing services to the community, we intend to empower people in project implementation, product development and prototyping, and testing solutions to varying scale problems in their community.
We aid local entrepreneurs by providing access to equipment and know-how for the generation of business opportunities and product prototyping. Among other educational activities aimed at inspiring interest in the maker movement, it provides academic support to students of different areas who need a laboratory to work, experiment and learn.

This is the general thread for discussing the lab; the thread is also visible on its page at https://www.fablabs.io/labs/aeonfablab

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