Discussion about EU projects about FabLabs

FabLabs of Casa Corsini (Italy) is planning to participate in the Erasmus+ call for Proposals (KA2 Strategic Partnership in the field of youth, deadline 26/04/2019).
The project idea aims at designing and testing tools for educators involved in the development, validation and promotion of STEAM skills acquired by children aged 10-15 years within FabLabs.
The project foresees the development of the following intellectual outputs:

  1. Manual for STEAM educators;
  2. Toolkit for the validation of STEAM skills;
  3. “Maker CV” online platform resource.
    We’re looking for the following types of project partners coming from EU Countries:
  • Organizations running STEAM education workshops and labs with children aged 10-15;
  • Organizations that carry out training for trainers, research and evaluation of the STEAM education such as universities, research centers, private evaluation companies etc.
    If you are interested, please contact us at: lumenassociazione@gmail.com

This is the general thread for discussing the project; the thread is also visible on its page at https://www.fablabs.io/projects/eu-projects-about-fablabs

You might want to attend the upcoming VULCA seminar for match-making and developing your research agenda:
Ideally you would join with 2 people, someone looking at the mobility part and someone looking at the research part. I guess for Erasmus+ both ingredients are essential.
It’s on 2-4 May in Poznan, Poland
(although that is too late for your deadline …)

Guglielmo Leoni,
My name is Alex, Vulca Cofounder.

I will be in Northen Italy in May.
I can probably make a stop to meet you at Casa Corsini.

Also, with Vulca we met more than 250 organization (Fablabs, biolabs, makerspace, hackerspace, openfarm) in 150 different European cities. I would be happy to know a bit more your project (that one and why not others). Then, it would be much easier for us to help you to connect with the right partners in Europe.

On behalf of all the Vulca team, I wish you good luck for your KA2.


Dear Alex,
thank you very much for your email.
We would be pleased to meet you and make you visit our FabLab!
In the last month we have also launched “FabLAb Junior”, namely a fablab specifically designed for kids!
When will you come to Northern Italy?
If you want, write me at: lumenassociazione@gmail.com
Best regards,