Discussion about Fab Antipodes

This is the general thread for discussing the organization; the thread is also visible on its page at https://www.fablabs.io/organizations/fab-antipodes

Can I put my hand up to be part of the Antipodes group. I feel with the timezone differences and geographical separation a local FabLab group is especially important to improve collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Hey Ben, added you to the Antipodes Org: go there, find your lab on the list, have a look at the state workflow and press whatever button it says to. Cheers - see you at the meeting on Thursday.

We are hosting an event in Sydney Fab Lab for Field Ready (Andrew Lamb)
Friday 9th Feb starting 6pm. Everyone welcome.

A recruitment event: calling all makers, designers & engineers!
Making Aid - the future of disaster relief

Hi all – This week is Techweek in NZ. A fringe event in Wellington called “State of the (Maker) Nation” was presented by Andrew Dixon, an Auckland-based multiple makerspace co-founder & advocate [andrew@meshed.nz]. He was great, but there was a small audience. He proposed a NZ-wide makerspace organisation where we genuinely share resources & intel.

I’ve spoken to him about Fab Antipodes, and that I feel we don’t quite have the sustainable human capital to make it hum yet. He had some very interesting ideas about what keeps an individual makerspace sustainable (rent-free space and a kind of pay-it-forward model). I told him what we’d discovered sustainability-wise with our endeavours in Masterton.

I’d like to add Andrew to the Fab Antipodes network if all are happy with that.

PS: Ben – let us know how your disaster relief event went – what worked, what didn’t, why…


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hi folks,

I’ve just joined the platform, hoping to make a contribution (mental bandwidth allowing).

For those that don’t know me yet, name’s Jaco (aka Jakes), operating predominantly in Auckland.
I’ve helped in the establishment of a few MakerSpaces, contributor to Meshed - a social enterprise (emphasis on Social - don’t yet have the Enterprise bit figured out) supporting Makery-stuff where there’s need - such as lending a hand to JB where I can - & recently assigned the office of president @ TAP:lab makerspace.

As part of my duties re TAP:lab, I’d like to figure out what we need to do to gain recognition as a FabLab?
As best I can tell we may already quality in terms of criteria, although our documentation has been iffy - only acquired proper connectivity in the last week or so.

I’d like to carry on a discussion with other locals & see what can be done to grow a more cohesive local Maker community.

Hi Jakes,

The requirements are listed here: http://www.fabfoundation.org/index.php/what-qualifies-as-a-fab-lab/index.html
I suggest you contact the manager of one of the major Fablab in the region as they can assist in the registration process. I know Ted Hung, the manager of Fablab Taipei, he is always happy to help.



Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the info - I did look at that, which lead me to here.

By the 4 criteria:

  1. Public Access: Check.
    Anyone in the public can come & use the resources available, provided a ‘blessed’ building card-holder is present, since we operate in a Council building - community centre, and have to contend with their policies. But beyond that we have 24/7 access, and if a card-holder is there to open & keep an eye, we virtually have the run of the place
  2. Charter (values). Check.
    We share values with that of the Charter (our Kaupapa)
  3. Tools & Processes. It’s a work-in-process (and will continue to be).
    We’ve got 3D printers, vinyl cutter, robots & assorted bits & bobs (laser cutter ‘coming soon’). Our resources are limited by space, H&S constraints imposed by our ‘landlord’ (Council) & what the needs are from the community. So that’s a firm no on big CNC’s, lathes & milling, but firm yes on electronics & textiles
  4. Participate in network. We’ve come full circle (ohai!)
    I/we are always interested in working with anyone willing to get $#!+ done, be that the local community, or wider afield.

One major caveat I would add to all the above is that we’ve not done a fantastic job of comms - both in promoting ourselves (we’re quite humble, preferring not to toot our own horn), or documenting our work.
This is partly due to the fact what we only recently got a semi-decent internet connection (previous one was effectively pirating off public hotspot down the load), and that we tent to just do stuff & only remember to take photo’s after the fact. None of us are really all that into Instagram or blogging, but we hope to do better on that front.

So, from what I can tell, there’s nothing preventing us participating in the Fab network, and the area’s that have an * or ? attached are things we’re working on (& will continue to do so)

From discussions, all roads seem to lead back here, so the question is: what next?

Hi Jakes,

Let me introduce myself quick here: I used to work for Fablab UP Cebu (Philippines) for nearly a year but now I am back in Australia (looking for a fablab / makerspace related job). I have been a maker for a while but only got involved in the Fablab network in the past year or so. I have visited quite a few fablab and know some fablab managers in south east asia.

In terms of tool, I would say that 3D printers and vinyl cutter are a good start but not enough to “Make almost anything” (which is one of the aim of a fablab). In my humble opinion, I believe you should try to acquire the following:

  • laser cutter (I understand it is on the way, this was by far the most important machine in the lab I worked in)
  • desktop CNC milling machine (even if you cannot get a large format machine, a small one is important to do substractive manufacturing)
  • electronic workbench including an oscilloscope, regulated power supply and maybe a signal generator and a few arduino board.
  • a “teleconferencing system” which may be as simple as a dedicated PC or laptop with a webcam capable of joining any of the fablab meetings.

But don’t take my word for it as I have absolutely no authority. Contact other fablabs and their managers and have a chat with them. Again, I suggest Ted Hung from Fablab Taipei, as he has been in he business for a very long time.

Also if you can, come to FAB14, best way to meet people.

I hope this helped.


Thanks for the feedback, Jeremy.

Thanks for the “make anything” info.

Re your points:

  1. We’re trying to figure out the ventilation & issues related to fire safety, since this seems to be the biggest hurdle for Council (our landlord), hence the glowforge (whenever that ships). I have a line/eye on anther machine, but need to deal with cooling & ventilation in an enclosed space.
  2. I’m hoping to retrofit my old RepRap - RAMPS + servo’s - into a small CNC & enclose it in a retrofitted server rack. All the more reason to get cracking on this
  3. Check - got this sussed but goood. Only exception would be a reflow oven (ref: fire, ventilation concerns)
  4. Check - I’ve strapped an old laptop (sans it’s busted LCD screen) to the a large TV & added a high-quality webcam. Now that we finally have broadband, there’s nothing preventing us making the best of this. My personal preference are for WebRTC-based solution, rather than proprietary stacks like skype, since maybe half of our members are hardened Linux users

Re attending FAB, I would LOOOVE to, but the work I do - mostly volunteering to help various *spaces get up - does not pay well enough for me to take off, unless there’s a benevolent sponsor willing to pick up the tab.

I’m Pierre from l’Atelier FabLab in Nouméa, New Caledonia
as part of the south pacific, I’ll like to join your community