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Fab Lab Barcelona is a centre of production, investigation and education, that uses the latest computer-assisted design software for the creation of prototypes and scale models for Architecture, Construction and Industrial Design.


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hello world!

Hello, Fab Lab BCN, we are starting new Fablab in Odessa, Ukraine and want to add our lab in Fablabs list. We will be glad if you can confirm referee application.
Our Fablab called Hub Lab and we can provide coworking for inventors, students of technical speciality and other people wishing to implement their technological projects. It’s a good place to work on technically challenging search of like-minded people and gain experience with modern equipment.
Contact us so we can provide you more information about us. Also you can visit our web-site: hublab.com.ua
With best regards,
Vladyslav Us, assistant manager of Hub Lab.

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Hello Friends and designers in Fablab BCN, currently im setting up a FABLAB in Neiva city at Colombia, i have choosen you as one of the referees ,i would be glad to share some information and experiences in order to get your approval as a fablab.
The main focus of the FabLab Neiva is to develop design and prototyping skill in the community, also is part of a free technological study in industrial design, the fablab is giving to the people a better space and quality in their learning process. i hope to be in more contact with your lab in the future. Thank you for the attention.

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Please review our planned Fab Lab Iasi from the city of Iasi from Romania.

To be launched in September 2017, Fab Lab Iasi will become a catalyst for the regional technical and academic communities.

Thank you for your support,

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We are starting a new fab lab in Ste-Thérèse, located in Quebec, Canada on Montreal’s northshore. We hope that you would agree to support our registration to Fablabs.io.

Our school, Académie Ste-Thérèse, is made up of two campuses; one for elementary levels (kindergarten to 6th grade) and another for highschool (7th grade to the 11th grade). Our fab lab is located in the elementary campus. It will be used by more than 2000 students and teachers from both campuses, and will also be opened to the public in the month of December or January the latest.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review our request, and do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information,

With best regards,

Antonio Saraca
FabLab Manager
Académie Ste-Thérèse

Hello, I’m applying for network of FABLAB and choose you as one of referees, I introduced Niba maker space to you by mail, and look forward to exchanging more detail with you in order to get your approval.
Niba maker space was established on April 15th, 2014, and is an open membership community as the theme of innovation and creativity, there are 4 spaces in Xi’an that provides makers with services such as device, tools and learning and holds more than 200 activities every year. Nowadays, the number of Niba maker space is more than 10000 and 100 in members.

As one of most active makers community in Xi’an, we worked on building communication bridge between international and local makers, so we want to join global network of FabLab to communicate with more international makers and learning from here, meanwhile, Niba maker space is open to provide international makers and local makers with space, tools and learning for free, so we hope that talk with your lab about more information in the future.

Dear Fab Lab BCN !
I am Arnauld NEDATI, The Fablab Manager of Lisungi Fablab, We wish to have your approval on the platform.
Lisungi FabLab is a project of assistance to the professional insertion through the education to the digital practices. It targets underprivileged women and young people breaking with school, and young graduates. The project is supported by the campus of the new francophone university area of Kinshasa and benefits from a double funding at the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie and the Orange Foundation.
This Fablab brings together 5 digital manufacturing workshops designed as collaborative workspaces that aim to meet, in an optimal way, all the needs concerning access to professional training and digital learning. Users of Lisungi FabLab can design and prototyping their projects in multimedia, electronic programming and IoT, digital embroidery, 3D printing, laser cutting, …
Some relevant prototypes developed within the FabLab will benefit from incubation and support in entrepreneurship.



We applied for approval, we choose your lab as one of the referee labs.
Thank you.
Hope you can approve us soon. Please!

Have a nice day!

PS : I send you an email because I don’t know who approved me. I’d like to say thank you if you chose me.

Hi Fablabbnc, we are trying to be part of the fablab community, we signed up as Fablab tecnm crode orizaba, and we chose FabLabbnc as one of the 3 referee fablabs that can approve us in the community, we started operations on August 26, 2019 and we want to know what to do to be accepted. my mail is drrubenposada@gmail.com, Thank you so much…


We are starting a new fab lab in the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, located in Rosario, Argentina. We hope that you would agree to support our registration to Fablabs.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review our request, and do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information.

Best regards,

Dr. Ing. Guillermo Rodriguez
Full Professor
Universidad Nacional de Rosario