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Is a private, non-partisan, non-profit research center that has the mission to advance the state of the art of Digital Fabrication and to generate new interrelationships between Art, Science and Technology through applied research and creative inquiry.

It is founded by an iniciative of The Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and the Fab Foundation.

One of its programs jointly with Fab Lab Network, is the diffusion, promotion and technical assistance for the deployment of Digital Fabrication Laboratories (Fab Lab) as a medium to increase technological infrastructure and to transfer capabilities for Science and Technology-based Innovation.


My name is Carlos Mattei and I am the Director of the LEAP Academy Fabrication Laboratory located in Camden, NJ. We are a FabLab that focuses on k-12th STEAM education in the LEAP Academy School District with a strong emphasis in getting our students to pursue STEAM related college majors and careers.Our machinery includes Makerbots and Ultimakers 3D printers, one laser cutter, one CNC router, digital electronics equipment such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards, basic circuitry, VEX robotics and general woodworking tools.

Currently we are in the process of applying to the FabLab network and we included Fab Lab Lima as one of the references. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information about our FabLab or have an questions.

Thank you and looking forward to being part of the network,

Carlos Mattei
LEAP Academy FabLab

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Hello Friends and designers in FabLab Lima, mi name is Wilmer Leonardo Angarita Maldonado im a designer and currently im setting up a FABLAB in Neiva city at Colombia, i have choosen you as one of the referees, i have been already get in contact with you guys through the FABLAT wp group ,i would be glad to share some information and experiences in order to get your approval as a fablab.
The main focus of the FabLab Neiva is to develop design and prototyping skill in the community, also is part of a free technological study in industrial design, the fablab is giving to the people a better space and quality in their learning process. i hope to be in more contact with your lab in the future. Thank you for the attention and i hope to get to know more about the fablab community through the application process.

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We are starting a new fab lab in El Salvador, Central America since May 2017 and we choose you as a referee, it will be very much appreciated if you can agree our registration to fablabs.io

Fab Lab Escuela Americana is inside a K-12 bilingual school in El Salvador Central America giving access to students and staff.
This center supports high school students looking for the implementation of technological innovation, experimentation and prototyping for those interested in learn and develop in different fields they can use in their future professional life.
We have the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and STEAM (integrates Arts as the fifth area of interest) programs in early grades and the fab lab should complement the process of learning and innovate with open education programs promoting ownership of technology and entrepreneurship for high school students.

Thank you in advance for your attention and don’t hesitate to ask for more information.


Damaris Cotto
Fab Lab Manager
Fab Lab Escuela Americana

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I am Elias Huhtala from vesalaschool fablab, from Oulu, Finland. Fablab Lima is one of our referees for the approval process. I have listed our lab into fablabs.io a few months ago but I havent got any responses. Could you help me out and check the application?

Best regards, Elias

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Hello friends there from Fablab Lima, we have added our Digihub - Davao Fab Lab in fablabs.io and we just want to inform you that we chose you as one of the referee labs. We look forward to get connected to you and know you more through this application process. I am hoping also that we will have your approval soon for our labs.

Thanks and God bless!

Best Regards,

Jeremiah, Digihub - Davao Fab Lab , Philippines

Hello my friends there in Fablab Lima,

I just would like to know, had you received any notification from fablabs org about you being one of our referee labs? I would like to ask for update about our approval process for our fablabs to be registered. We actually received one approval already (but we don’t know who was it among the three referees) but waiting for another one for us to be visible in the organization. However, until now, we haven’t heard anymore about our application.

I hope you can help us with this. We really love to hear back from you guys there and exchange ideas about improving fablabs and making almost anything through the technology. Thank you so much and God bless!

Looking forward for your response.

Warm regards,

Jeremiah B. Bargio
Science Research Assistant
Digihub - Davao Fab Lab
Davao City, Philippines

Hello Fab Lab Lima,

We are starting a new fab lab in the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, located in Rosario, Argentina. We hope that you would agree to support our registration to Fablabs.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review our request, and do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information.

Best regards,

Dr. Ing. Guillermo Rodriguez
Full Professor
Universidad Nacional de Rosario

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