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Fab Lab C+’ lab is in Center for Innovation Laboratory, 4 floor, Teaching building, Beijing Jing Shan School, No. 53, Deng Shikou street, Dzogchen District, Beijing City, China. From the Beijing Wang Fujing street and Deng Shikou street junction as a starting point, Go straight Deng Shikou street from West to East, Walking about 330 meters, on your left side is the Beijing Jing Shan school. Beijing Jing Shan School is a set of primary school and middle school in one, who is the Asian cultural renewal model school and the United Nations plan to contact center. Deng Xiaoping, who is the leading core of the second generation of the leadership of the Communist Party of China, once wrote an inscription for the Jing Shan School: "education should be geared to modernization, the world and the future.”
Then go into school and walk 60 meters, and turn right 50 meters, you will see the entrance of teaching building 。Go to the stairs on your left, and get into the 4 floor of the teaching building, go straight about 20 meters after go down the stairs,you will see the Center for Innovation Laboratory in your right hands。
Our team

The Fab Lab C+ lab was created by Eric Ma and the Teacher of the Jing Shan School.
Eric Ma was a Maker, Senior Education Expert, National Professional Tutor, who was invited to many Fab Lab’s activities and meetings, including the Fab Lab 2016 Shenzhen. Eric led the team to invent a lot of interesting products, including creative light, smart casual shooting device, Trojans, sailing, storage box, and incense box and so on. In the future, Eric will lead the team to design Fab Lab courses, including Fab Lab C+ Basic、STEAM Struts、Model、A.

We have a creative and spirit sharing team, everyone is a learner, a maker and a sharer. Each person is out of the ordinary, but attracts each other. Our team consists of the Makers and Operations. Eric, Ma, Ten Ki, Sam, Jeff, Sean, Connor are makers, who are mainly responsible for creating products and curriculum development. Jack Liu is the operations managers。

Our team, adhering to the concept of learning, creating and sharing, has worked together to design and build this laboratory. We look forward to being able to connect with Fab Lab all over the world and look forward to learning, creating and improving together.

Our Lab and machines
Our laboratory area is close to 100 square meters, and the whole lab is mainly divided into 3 separate spaces. They are Free space, Gray space, and Precision manufacturing space. The Free space about 60 square meters, Gray space about 20 square meters, Precision manufacturing space about 10 square meters.

We have 9 types of consumer equipment and 2 purification systems, including 3D scanner, printer, two parallel arm 3D printer, two double 3D printer, 3D printing pen, laser cutting machine, printing machine, cutting machine, desktop CNC ,CNC milling machine, dust collecting filter, gas purification and filtration system. We also have 24 Lenovo notebooks, 4 Dell servers, 5 work tables, 1 mobile projectors, 1 white boards and 1 blackboards.

What we do with Free Space, Gray Space, Precision manufacturing?

The Free Space is used to place Lenovo notebooks, work tables, mobile projectors, white boards and blackboards, where students or makers can use notebooks, take notes and discuss exchanges. The teacher uses the projector to display PPT or wonderful movies, animations, and ideas. Whiteboard and blackboard facilitate the teacher’s timely marking of the core of creativity, and show to students.

The Gray Space is used to decorate our various customer handling tools, such as laser cutting machine, printing machine, cutting machine, desktop CNC ,CNC milling machine, dust collecting filter, gas purification and filtration system. We use these tools to make a lot of interesting and useful products, such as: creative light, smart casual shooting device, Trojans, sailing, storage box, incense box.

The Precision manufacturing area is used to place 3D scanners, parallel arm 3D printers, two axis 3D printers, two axis dual head 3D printers, and 3D print pens. We have 6 3D ordinary printers and a parallel arm 3D printer. We can print the 3D model quickly .We use these machines to create a lot of interesting models, such as real models, simulated hearts.

The three spaces are independent and combined with each other.

What we have done in the past 10 months?

Fab Lab C+ was transformed from a classroom, our maker created it by an automatic hand drawing model, printed models and drawings.

We do a little bit of remodeling by ourselves, adding interesting and useful equipment, creating interesting pieces of work. You’ll be surprised at a classroom full of desks and chairs became labs. Every experienced students are very surprised, they could not imagine that they can make interesting products by themselves, connecting with Fab Lab all over the world, and connecting with makers in the United States, Europe, Africa and Australia.

The Fab Lab C+ laboratory has a variety of practical and innovative activities. Many activities will open the mysterious gate of the laboratory for you, such as Open Days, Digital Manufacturing, and Teaching Research and so on.

Our future

First, we plan to open 4 courses a week, and Open Night once a month.

Second, we want to connection with the world, have a dialogue with Fab Labs all over the world, and share ideas, tools, and source code.

At last, we want to be China’s stem education practice base, and provide maximum support for students and creative customers. We will continue to build localization courses suitable for k12 education in China, including Fab Lab basic courses (basic tool use), innovative courses and integrated courses. We want to be a regional platform and a landmark Laboratory for students, teachers, and makers.

This is the general thread for discussing the lab; the thread is also visible on its page at https://www.fablabs.io/labs/fablabc

Sounds great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s the first laboratory of Fab Lab in Beijing. It’s really exciting!

Who is Eric Ma? Hope to know him :thinking: