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Our vision for is to transform it into FabLab Hope. From PBL (Project Based Learning) to Problem Based Learning, achieving solutions through digital fabrication, FabLab Hope will involve the entire community -- people of all ages from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds, regardless of nationality – using new, innovative educational methods, founded on a curriculum that focuses both on the collective and on the individual. The sharing of knowledge on a daily basis will engender good will and promise, when PF (Personal Fabrication) – where everyone can design and implement his/her own projects – can lead to collective change. We believe that the the current industrial revolution will lead to democratization in design and manufacturing, when the product is in its idea stage as well as in its implementation phase. Together we can achieve the necessary equality to be makers of the future, using the FabLab infrastructure, development process, and, most of all, the FabLab spirit, to achieve a global revolution.



Hi, we want to insert FabLab Pavone in fablabs list.
Can you confirm us?
Thanks. Greetings from Torino.

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Hello, Hope Lab, we are starting new Fablab in Odessa, Ukraine and want to add our lab in Fablabs list. We will be glad if you can confirm referee application.
Contact us so we can provide you more information about us.
With best regards,
Vladyslav Us, assistant manager of Hub Lab.

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Dear Ohad,
Dear Katie,

Please do review our planned FAB LAB IASI from the city of Iasi in the Northe Eastern part of Romania.

To be launched at the end of September 2017, Fab Lab Iasi will become a catalyst for the regional technical and academic communities.

Thank you for your support,

Dear Vladyslavus, let’s remain in touch. We will open a Fab Lab Iasi in september 2017 in the city of IASI (200km from Odessa).

Hi Ohad
Good day to you

We applied for approval, we choose your lab as one of the referee labs.
Our application page is:

we applied one month ago.

hope you can approve us soon.

Guys hello. I gess your e-mail box is invalid. We are a laboratory from
Odessa - FabLab MiRONAFT (https://www.fablabs.io/labs/mironaft).
We were advised to contact you. The question is: do you have any data
about the largest (large-scale) FabLab laboratory in Europe / the
World? Either by the amount of equipment, or maybe by territory …

Thank you any way))))

@ohadmeyuhas I am unable to contact you , please share your updated email id.


I would like to communicate with hopelab, but unfortunatly their mail didn’t work.
Is there anybody who can share some working coordonate please?

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Hi Ohad

We applied for approval, we choose your lab as one of the referee labs.
Our application page is:

I hope you can approve us .

thanks for sharing…helpful