Discussion about Looking for a candidate to represent us exclusively in your country

Dear Sir,

Our company is looking for a candidate to represent us exclusively in your country.

We are manufacturers of high quality filaments for 3d printers.

The job would be to contact potential customers such as printer manufacturers or filament distributors and propose that they test our materials, once tested and that they had given their approval, the mission would be to get them as customers.

We offer an international commercial agency contract and a 5% commission on all sales made through the representative.

If you or someone of your environment is interested, please contact us at the following email address; info@sakata3d.com

You can also call us at: +34 670 41 60 51 and ask for Luís Pauwels.

Best regards,

Manuel Jesús Recuerda Girela

Pol. Ind. ASEGRA
C/ Granada nº 20,
18210 Peligros, Granada (España)
Tel. +34 958 177 319

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