Discussion about National Innovation Foundation -India

NIF’s Fab Lab is an inclusive, supportive facility for the development of grassroots innovations. It hosts grassroots innovators, who can work on their innovations to create working prototypes and marketable products. It is also open to students and other members of the community who wish to contribute to the development of grassroots technologies.

Posted by Kadambari Sahu with the old comment system:

hi please let me know what are the hours if i wish to visit

you can visit between 10 am to 6 pm on any working day… phone no. 02764 261138, 39

Hi, we are conducting a challenge to ‘make’ solutions to improve cooling performance in existing residential buildings, where the solution should be implementable by the resident with minimal assistance. E.g. use electrical technician, carpenter, or completely DIY. The end result should be a tested prototype.

Would students participating in this competition be permitted to utilize your fab lab to develop their prototype, and what kind of assistance would they receive?

Hi Amanda, that is a difficult question. Fablabs set their own opening hours and service levels. So, best is to identify the fablabs nearby your students homes and aks them what is possible.