Dual-Use of Synthetic Biology and 3D printing training for maker spaces managers in Buenos Aires (Spanish) and Sao Paulo (Portuguese) Apply before September 26

Safety & Dual-Use Training on Synthetic Biology and 3D Printing

Apply before September 26th! Grant Opportunity for maker spaces

2-days workshop

Organized by iGEM Foundation and CRDF Global

Training workshop for biotech labs, maker spaces, and biotech incubator managers.

If you are part of any maker space, DIY community, biotech incubator, or lab, send your application to attend this workshop.

Workshop’s venues:

São Paulo, BR (Portuguese) ---- December 3-4, 2022

Buenos Aires, ARG (Spanish) ---- December 7-8, 2022

Apply here: dual use training workshop
Question to minerva@igem.org

In order to counter the misuse of emerging technologies in maker spaces (collaborative workspace where low to high technology tools are available for community use) by proliferator state and non-state actors, CRDF Global, the International Genetically Engineered Machine Foundation (iGEM Foundation), and other ISN/CTR approved subject matter experts (SMEs) will implement a two, two-day workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina and São Paulo, Brazil for at least 25 representatives each from “do it yourself” maker spaces and biotechnology incubators.

This project will provide key personnel with an understanding of the dual-use nature of technologies including synthetic biology, 3-D printing, and the importance of protecting dual-use knowledge, data, and technologies through increased cybersecurity, physical security of technologies, personnel reliability, and best practices. Emphasis will be placed on providing participants with the knowledge needed to return home to their maker spaces or incubators to hold training for additional stakeholders, laying the framework for a culture of security in this emerging area. Participants will be eligible to compete for follow-on training grants to amplify threat awareness and promote security in their local innovation communities.

A total of three grants, per concurrence, will be awarded to provide grantees with the resources necessary to hold successful training to further build awareness of the dual-use nature of synthetic biology and 3-D printing. CRDF Global will work with approved grantees to remediate proposals and develop project implementation plans, ensuring they meet program and ISN/CTR objectives.

Apply before September 26th!

You will receive an email confirmation on Tuesday 27th of September. If you are selected, you MUST CONFIRM your participation before September 29th, 2022.