Error triying to add a new lab

Greetings everyone, I am having problems being able to send a request to add a new fablab to the network, I attach an image of the error that is shown. I appreciate if you tell me what other way I can use to carry out the process.

Hi Miguel,

I have no idea about the cause, only some suggestions:

  • keep all fields, images and links rather limited and see whether it helps (you can always update / extend your info later)
  • if this does not help, show us screenshots of your form, may evoke other suggestions.

All the best from suriname,
Pieter van der hijden

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I was able to send the form without images, and later I will send more details when requested.
thank you very much for your help.


You are getting this error because the image(s) you are trying to use are too big. Try and scale them down and compress them.


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I have successfully sent the form without space bar clicker any photographs. If you want further data, I will gladly provide them later.

Strange, Karla, I only see you as a user.

What is the name and the country of your fablab?