Fab Academy final projects - study

hi all - just a heads-up that I’m going through the Fab Academy final projects to classify what types of projects there are. I may contact the project owners or the lab managers / instructors if I have any questions.

I can also make the database open source but I’m wondering how much anonymization you (the community) desire? I will not include the students’ names or the labs’ names - more like Lab AA in Costa Rica and Lab BB in India, etc. agree? I will include a category of gender as male, female, other or unidentified - and do my own classification based on people’s names. please let me know if you disagree with this.

for making categories for the final projects, I will decide on the categories based on what is there - whether the categories are something like ‘food’, ‘IoT’, ‘education’ - maybe I will need nested categories. if you want to discuss the categories, happy to do so!

Hi Cindy!, is a great idea, that kind of classifications would be very helpful, if you need any help from us, we will be happy to collaborate .

Luis Camacho, Fablab Puebla.

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thanks! btw I’m thinking of coming to Puebla in 2020 - so I’ll come visit the lab!

Hi there - I’d be very interested to see the outcome of this, if you can share. Thanks.

will do! the study was put on hold because of external project work that needed to be done. hoping to get back to it though!