Fab Kids! (K-12 Curriculum Writing)

Share your work/ thoughts on what Fab Lab skills are developmentally appropriate for students in the K-12 range. Educators around the world are working on this independently, but we should all support each other. The long-range vision for this curriculum work is to make an available-for-free, aggregated web document that covers the K-12 range of student development with learning goals, recommended open source and hardware resources that can support the education of students worldwide.

Continue the discussion at: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/fabkids


I was actually going to post something similar to this topic. So far, I have about 80 different topics ranging from K-12. Of those, I have about 5 which are nearing completion.

bom dia. Como será a parte de investimentos em relação ao fab kids, que equipamentos serão necessários

Hi all,

I would also refer you to SCOPES-df, a project of The Fab Foundation: https://www.scopesdf.org/