Fab Lab Museum Exhibit


Our museum here is preparing a temporary exhibition about…Fab Labs!

The Director of Exhibitions is looking for 12 projects showcasing what can be done in Fab Labs around the world. The focus of the exhibition will be distributed manufacturing and the power of networks. Keep that in mind if you want to submit a project.

You can first send me an email with some pictures or video at m.ducharme@fjab.qc.ca and I will build a first database of all the projects for the review comite.

I hope to hear from you soon!


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What would be the theme of the project: mechanical, electrical, robotics, etc.

The Museum will try to present a variety of projects, from architecture, to weird to health, to funny.
Our goal is to present produce the “artefact” in one of the many local Fab Labs and present it in context with the documentation, interview with the inventor or team etc. As most museums do, they tend to present the story behind an artefact.

Where are you based? We have done some excellent work around prosthetics and have supplied prosthetic hands for 3 children local to Warrington and internationally. We would be interested but are based in the North West. Thanks Jimmy Ingman

Hi, I just sent you an email. Best

Hi Marc,

From Santiago we hace 2 interesting projects:

Maquinar.io: a Distributed Design and production online store. Everything is designed by a open community, fabricated and distributed by the Fab Lab.

Sabdbot; a Sand 3D printing machine by injection, used to produce objets in rural communities and at Atacama Desert.

Send me an e-mail if you need more information.


I’ll look into that.

Your actual location dosent really matter. Your project looks very promising. Can you link here in the forum?

We are located about 1.5h East from Montreal.



Hey folks!

We want to showcase a variety of projects! Please submit!! You did something cool during Fab Academy? Textile Academy or Bio Academy? Let me know.

It’s impossible to know all the cool projects done over the last decade, so we need your help. Just post an hyperlink here or send me an email (below) and I will submit the project to the museum committee!