FAB13 - Fabricating Society Chile 2017

Open space for updates, suggestions, and comments on the upcoming event in Chile 2017.

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more fun less talks :slight_smile: we should get to know people more

In Boston I had more fun (knowledge sharing) talking with the people sitting in the grass outside than sitting for long talks about googleX. Barcelona’s highlight were improvised beach party where everybody talked to each others and german went skinny dipping and the police showed up… and what to say about japan’s fabfood sessions… :heart: I can’t sit through another roland dg or shopbot talks, I appreciate their machines but the network buys enough machines from them, we don’t need a boring talk on top of this :kissing_closed_eyes: and to be honest, 15000$ for a boring proprietary cnc is a lot considered u get more shit done, freedom and fun from a 3000$ one…

Unless they give amazing offers to labs… I haven’t heard of any of them here in Canada other than solid works and autodesk, and I think it’s good marketing. I talk about autodesk softwares all the time for 3D scanning with 123d catch or tinkercad for 3D drawings. we give workshop around their machines and softwares… anyway…

Chile should be more focused on people interactions, at least, that’s what stood out of Thomas’ speech in Boston when proposing Santiago del chile… “After the Chicago Boy’s, it’s time to see the Chile boys (and girls)!” Chile’s people won over brazil’s beach party. I think see something there :tada:

more fun, less tak, that’s my only input


Update on the Event:

FAB13 Santiago is NOW on early birds tickets, be sure you have yours.

FAB13 Santiago tiene abierta las entradas en early birds, los invitamos a que no se queden sin la suya: http://fab13.fabevent.org/ #Fab13Santiago #Chile

Official Sites:
Twitter @ fab13santiago https://twitter.com/fab13santiago
Instagram @ fab13santiago https://instagram.com/fab13santiago
Facebook @ fab13santiago https://www.facebook.com/fab13santiago/
Web Site: http://fab13.fabevent.org/

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Dear Fab Friends,

If I remember correctly, in Shenzhen you described FAB13 as a complex event with pre-conference activities, the conference itself and post conference activities, even in other cities than Santiago alone. Do I remember correctly and, if so, is this still your intention? In that case, could you please repeat what you said in Shenzhen, and which dates and locations are involved? This information helps me make plans and think about possible contributions.

All the best,
Pieter van der Hijden

Sure Pieter,

Newsletters will be send shortly with all the information.

FAB13 News:

Please don’t miss the Early Bird discount season, that will be available until March 31, 2017 with the following promotional code:

Early Bird General, Promo Code FAB13CHILE
Warning: we have limited tickets in early birds with the promotional code, once the are sold out the pieces will higher up. Don’t be left out of FAB13!

FAB 13 has to official Venues and dates:
Conference: July 31 (Monday) till August 3 (Thursday) at the Centro de ExtensiĂłn UC
Syposium: August 4 (Friday) at the SalĂłn Fresno-Centro de ExtensiĂłn UC
Fab Festival: August 5 and 6 (Saturday and Sunday) at the GAM Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral

We are happy to announce that application submissions for different calls will be open April 3, 2017. So gather up all the information you need so that you don’t miss the chance to be part of this great event.

Category Calls:

  • Volunteers
  • Workshops (Tutorials/Demos/1 day/2 days/ 3 days)
  • Papers
  • Lab presentations

Need More information: FAQ

web site: http://fab13.fabevent.org/

FAB13 is a week of events that gathers people from the global network to learn, collaborate, debate and build the global Network. We invite you all to be part of this event, visiting Chile from July 31 till August 6, 2017

Need an invitation letter, request here: https://goo.gl/forms/5g30w5rM8YlBC0cB3
From April 1st till June 1st, 2017 APPLICATIONS will be open, done miss the chance to apply for:
-Intership at FAB13 (help us 2-3 months before the event)
-Become a volunteer (help us the week of the event)
-Present you lab
-Make a workshop (Tutorials/demos, 1 day, 2 days & 3 days)
APPLY on http://fab13.fabevent.org/

For more information contact us at fab13@fablabsantiago.org
BUY YOUR TICKET NOW on: http://fab13.fabevent.org/