Fablab approved whereas I did not approve it

Hey Mass,

One of the labs that requested me as a referee has been approved whereas I did not approve it.

I wanted to ask for more infos because they just have a Facebook page and no website showing the machines they have etc. But I didn’t have a chance to do it.

I am the only one facing this issue ?


When was it approved? Back in October / November we superadmins mass approved a lot of Labs because the queue was too long. We are working on making visible who approved each Lab. And the whole approval process will change, especially becoming a continuous process based on Lab activities and features through times.

Hello Massimo,

I have the same problem.
I keep on getting requests from random Lab’s, and I seen it twice happening already that I got a thank you email for approving, where as I I did not approve it.
And the confirmation emails are directed to Bas, yet we changed the profiles in the mean time. I checked with him and he also did not approve it.

With kind regards,