FabLab Network and COVID-19 pandemic

I would like to know if there is any position from the fablab network on manufacturing laboratories and their role in the COVID pandemic.

I have seen multiple laboratories manufacturing masks, face masks, filters, oxygen pumps on printers and although I know that this should not be done for medical reasons, many people support these actions.

What is the position of your FabLabs? What is the responsibility when creating products that people should trust their lives with? To what extent does the responsibility of those who design the product and those who reproduce it extend? And if there is no common position on this issue, would it not be time for the network as a whole to generate it?

At Smart Open Lab (Cáceres, Spain) we are manufacturing face masks and filters. The 4 FabLabs in our region are working on COVID-19 related issues.
We have also started working on capnography towards an OSH and OSS device.
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Hi @mlinaje

There is a lot of thing being developed by the Fab Lab Network, you can join the conversation here: https://gitlab.fabcloud.org/pub/project/coronavirus/tracking

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Hi bnore,
I got an idea today and with a quick search I ensured its being innovative and supportive to address a specific issues of the COVID-19 outbreak, so how to start through FebLab?