FabLab People: proposed integration of Association members

For 6 years the “International Fab Lab Association” has been functioning as an entry point to the FabLab network, providing information, linking people up to the network, and facilitating the research papers stream at the FabLab conferences.
I think it is now time to move on and I see a strong team appearing behing fablabs.io
My goal would be to shift the membership part of the Association to fablabs.io and connect it to the “people” section which is slowly emerging here. How are we going to facilitate that?


Hi @trox this is great and seems that is the right timing. Massimo (@openp2pdesign) will for sure get in touch with you and check how it could be done is the best way. Any inputs on improving things is highly appreciated too. Hopefully we can make this tool more useful to the network, right now I feel we are in that transition.

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Hi @trox, many thanks for the message but especially many thanks for the years of work with the International Fab Lab Association. I know from experience that it is hard to connect people and manage such kind of organizations, so this has been a very important work!

I don’t know the details regarding the future of the International Fab Lab Association, but at least it should have its page in the Organizations section, even if you decide to close it (we just added time fields for Labs, soon we will add them for Organizations as well, so that we have an history of the network, even if initiatives close).

Regarding the membership of Fablabs.io, at the moment it is just based on creating an account on Fablabs.io and accepting the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy. Is there anything specific to be discussed regarding this?

We haven’t yet a People section but we are working on it, what can we learn from the experience of the International Fab Lab Association in this? What would you suggest about it?

The Internationa Fab Lab Association is now on the Organizations section here: https://www.fablabs.io/organizations/international-fab-lab-association

Since this section is completely new, we welcome any suggestion and help in its development!