Fablab statistics per country

I’d like to generate a statistic of chronological growth of number of fablabs worldwide and per country.
Is there some easy way to do it? E.g. check the map/list of labs based on their year of registering here?

I apologize if this question has been already treated, I tried to look for it, but I didn’t find anything

Thank you

Hello Dalia,

You might use http://wiki.fablab.is/index.php?title=Portal:Labs&action=history, but it’s a long work. Perhaps see also the creation date of the domain names of the websites of the labs, through a whois interface, like https://v4.gandi.net/whois/.

A full report on EU http://publications.jrc.ec.europa.eu/repository/bitstream/JRC107298/jrc_technical_report_-_overview_maker_movement_in_eu.pdf

A huge work based on calling and interviewing people.

Suggestion : Try to contact the authors.