Feedback on FabX and FabCity Summit

Hi folks!

I’m interested in your opinion on how to improve your experience of online based conferences. I personally kinda like Miro boards and I find the platform better than similar online conference setups. It’s imperfect. There is issues with time zones, participation, decision making etc and although I have opinions, I’m interested in discussing your point of view.

Thanks for sharing


I am also very interested in this matter. I had an occasion to try Miro during a collaborative test event, if I remember correctly the possibiities were nice, but still, of course the quality of the conference/serious game / creativity session was about the table contents designed by the organization team. I wonder if there is a library of this creativity games and tables (i found already some resources but they seem scarce and all around), well interested to read about that topic,

Tools i want to try :

  • Do Doc : for project documentation but i wonder if it could be used to allow online and IRL events (both at the same time)

I would much enjoy a run and test of different tools and to publish that reviews somewhere :smiley:

Thanks Marc Olivier for this topic,


Hey Caro!
Thanks for your input! I will check do-doc this week.
Never heard of it before.
Let’s keep this coming. I love to add ideas to make it sweeter :slight_smile:
All the best,


Hey again,

I also tested “Klaxoon” : (kind of similar to Miro I guess?) another french app.

Seems very…“startupey” to me though, I am desperate for open source tools to meet the nice “paper and pencil” Fablab feeling that I currently crave :frowning:

“Bonne journée” and see you soon on the forum,

Thanks for your input. I didn’t know about klaxoon.

Added up to my list of things to check!

Bonne journée :slight_smile: