Follow the Process of Approved FabLAB

I’ve a question, I’ve applied my FabLab approximately one month ago, since this date no news about my apply. Anyone can help me ?
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Hi I’ve the same problem! Did you have any solution?
Guillermo Guerra

@GuillermoGuerra Hi; I do not know if it is a problem or not. But ı’m still waiting. Did you get any responde?

You should email or call to referee Fablabs. They will introduce you the next steps.

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I’ve got accepted apporximatly 3 Days later of my application. They mainly checking your website. İt is important that a strong evidence it is working Fab-Lab. You can put more workshop images and mentioned about machines that you have.



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@ayseesindurmaz sometimes network down for technical issues. Try to figure out where the problem is,

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Hello! What were you interested in about Fab-Lab? I can help with internet.

We received an approval from one referee fablab, but as we need the approval of the second one to proceed, fablableon seems to be so strict, and declined because we lack a laser cutter and a vynil cutter. disregarding that we are the only lab in lebanon that operates an SLS 3d printer, two huge scaled fdm 3d printers that we have built from A to Z, 2 laser scanners and a huge analog fablab, amongst other digital fabrication tools, AND, the only 7 axis kuka robot. all the other requirements exist in our lab, is that fair?

Hello I tried to follow the approval process and submit but keep receiving an error message: being told that I don’t have a 3 digit entry for the review process. Not sure where to enter that

Can someone elaborate the procedure of Approved FabLAB. I need to know how I can register for its service. It might be useful for me in PPC Services Australia.