Fusion360 no longer usable in fablabs?

Autodesk have announced their new policy for Fusion360 Personal licensing and it dramatically impacts Fablab users who are not in a university.

They lose:

  • 4 and 5 axis machining making the Roland Modela useless
  • CNC toolchanges meaning one tool per gcode file
  • CNC rapid feeds slowing down CNC machining, especially on bigger machines
  • STEP, IGES etc file export making collaboration between projects harder

There are more but these are the ones that affect my lab.

In addition, their new licensing terms seem to suggest that Personal use applies only to home fabrication. i.e. every user of a Fablab needs a professional subscription.

I note that Autodesk is supposed to be partners with the Fab Foundation. What does that mean in practise? Should registered labs get software? Do fablab users qualify for an educational license?

In the absence of answers to these questions, my lab has cancelled it’s next Fusion360 training courses.

I found this, but it’s 4 years old. Is it still valid?

On the 17th September I applied for the fablab technology impact program. On Friday I received an email from Autodesk saying that was no longer the correct way to apply and gave me a different non-autodesk email to apply to. I did so with no reply so far.

Does every other lab already have access to Autodesk software, or is this discussion forum just not well visited?

I launched brand new FabLab network in Bosnianand have been applying several times in the last month and never received reply from autodesk! What email address you got from them?

For others: autodesk launched new program. You have to be persistent and have strong online presence. We have recived 3yr licenses.

Hi Edin,
can you please give more details? I do not find any information about the new program.

I think you are using the wrong way to get access to the FabLab’s license…
Try sending email to robert.neudecker at autodesk.com from Autodesk FabLab Program.