Global Children's Designathon Report on Water

The Global Children’s Designathon, that took place on November 11th 2017, is the backbone of this report. During this event more than 600 children aged 7 to 12 years, participated in 18 cities around the world, where they created solutions to this year’s big societal and environmental issue: WATER. The Global Children’s Designathon provides a channel for two way inspiration: the children get to tackle the world’s biggest problems and adults can gain a unique view of what the next generation envisions around water issues. The solutions they came up with are amazing and informed by their context. This report shows that children care for our planet, are aware of water-related issues, believe these issues are pressing and offer concrete solutions to solve them.

Here is the link to the report: The Global Voices of the Next Generation on: water

One of the host locations involved in the research was Clearwater’s Fabrication Lab at Saint Paul’s School.

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