Guidelines for promoting our space as a Fablab

Greetings from SynergyMill Makerspace in Greenville, South Carolina.

Thank you for accepting our request to become a member of the FabLab network.

I am looking for information on how to properly use the approved logos and description to promote our space as a network member.

Is there any documentation available that outlines our proper use of the FabLab trademarks?

AFAIK each fablab is free to choose its own name (many have fab, lab or fablab in it, many not) and logo (often the rgb cube or a variant, often not). See picture.

If a fablab did not supply a logo, a default one (grey cube) is used.

Success with your operations and don’t forget to submit a SDG-profile via Fab Lab SDG Profile Registration Form.

Best regards,
Pieter van der Hijden

Thank you. We already have a logo for our shop and we’ve been building the brand for 7 years.
My question is regarding using the logos on my own website to promote our participation with Fablabs to our local community. I want to put the Fablabs logo on my website and tell people I am a member of the network.

I’ve looked through the forums and in the website here but I have not found any guidelines for how we can promote our membership to the local community.

I myself am not aware of the existence of such rules, except of course the “Fab Charter”. You could put that on your site. See: Fab Foundation – The Fab Charter (