Hey What About the LiveFab Lab Live Video Feeds

What video conferencing software are people using? We used Spark, but it (Spark) is no longer supported.
What are the login credentials so see the Fab Lab live video feeds? My students love see the different Fab Labs around the world. Our connection worked great almost all of last school year, but we have not been able to access anyone starting back in August. I do not believe we changed any settings on our end.

Thanks In Advance,

Tom Dubick
Fab Lab Director
Charlotte Latin School

Hi Tom,

HTGAA is currently using BlueJeans for classes.

We are also working on integrating video calls in Fablabs.io, we have something already working but we need to fix other things before releasing it. It’s just for group calls, not for streaming, live video feeds, …

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Thank you for your help.

I have installed Blue Jeans videoconference software.

Do you know the conference Id that works with BlueJeans? I

I have tried signing in the following ways
I am using conference 1 for the Fab Lab Feed.

mcu.cba.mit.edu, sip:mcu.cba.mit.edu, h323:mcu.cba.mit.edu, or #@ (where # is the conference ID number).

I spoke to Blue Jean support and they said we need the conference Id and maybe a pin (I don’t believe we needed pin when using spark)

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Excellent looking forward to it


Does anyone know the conference id for the Fab lab MCA?



I finally got access and we are now online. Let me share what I have learned.

Here is the link to official instructions. The official instructions list Cisco Spark. It does NOT work. It is no longer supported.

I used Lifesize. You dial

Bluejean and Zoom require an 8-11 conference number. Digit 1 alone does not work. If you have a work around, please share.

Tom Dubick
Fab Lab Charlotte Latin

Hi @tomdubick,

Can you check Cisco Spark browser-based from FireFox?

I was able to connect to specific rooms by dialing:

sip:< room number >@

Main menu can be accessed from 0@

I am on Mac OS X 10.11.6, FireFox version 57.0


As mention in an earlier post, we used to share a video feed so everyone could see different labs in the network. My students, teachers and parents enjoyed seeing folks working in labs across the world. I would be even willing to host the service if that is necessary. Any thoughts?

Tom Dubick
Charlotte Latin Fab Lab