How can we delete false information?

The old email address is used to create an account. We’d like to get rid of it. We don’t have access to the old email address, aka we can’t log in to delete it. It shows the wrong address as well. People are frustrated because they find the wrong address on the internet.

To be able to edit your fablab details, you should be an employee of that fablab and you should have logged in with your personal account.

Currently fablab boz has one registered employee only: Edd Bax. If that is you, you know now what to do.

If you are not Edd Bax, and you are an employee in boz, goto the boz page and click " I work here", etc, etc.

Edd Bax then can approve you as such. You both can then update boz details.

Does this help?

I’m very sorry this doesn’t bring us anywhere. Edd Bax is no longer connected to the FabLab, I’m the chairman.
Kind regards,
Noortje Kuhlman

Hi Noortje,

Thank you for the info.

Please log in, go to the boz page, click " I work here", etc, etc.

Once you did, please let me know. I can then approve you as employee and from that moment, you can do the rest.

Does this help?


Just did… thanks for helping me out.

And I approved your name.

Welcome in your fablab :)!

haha thanks! ok, 20 characters…

Hello sorry to jump on this one but I am in a similar predicament, I work at Bristol Fablab and the listed manager is no longer involved with the fablab so is unable to approve my appointment
Kind Regards
Rich Smith

Hi Rich, I’m sure they’ll help you just as grand. Good luck with your FabLab!
Creative regards,

Hi Richard, welcome in your fablab! Now, you have to do the rest.

Thank you Pieter!
I’ve been there since the start but have now stepped up to manage our little space

Greetings Pieter.

I am trying to do a similar thing and update the page for NCCU FAB Lab. I have applied to be listed as an employee and am awaiting the next steps. Thanks for your time and consideration in this matter.

Then you receive a similar answer, Eric. Welcome in your fablab! Now, you have to do the rest.