How to delete a page

Does anyone know? There’s no delete or remove option in the settings. Thanks for any help!

Nope, we are working on this. It mainly depends on which kind of page (user? lab? project? machine? organization?) and the main issue for the development is how to delete content without having something else broken. For example: what happens if we remove a user but her/his discussions are important…

Which kind of page you’d like to delete?

at least the lab page, and my user account in general. this is the first discussion thread I’ve ever used so nothing important would be lost. can we delete them?

Has the lab ever been active? Has it ever been a Fab Lab? If a lab just closes, we keep the information that it was open at least once, in order to preserve the history of the global network.

it was never open, only planned, feel free to delete it. thanks!

Thanks, we are discussing this issue with the development team here: