Initiative to better involve Makers in industrial production engineering

Dear Makers,

I work in a research institute called BIBA (Bremen, Germany). We do reasearch in production and logistics and focus on Open Innovation for many years. Currently, we apply for EU-funding to explore ways to involve Makers in industrial production engineering.

One of our ideas is to build a software platform that allows companies to create issues related to production engineering. Makers will be able to pick these issues and work collaboratively with the company on a solution (needs secure and trustworthy data exchange). This work ranges from production process otimization to the customization of production machines. We want to develop mechanisms to manage Intellectual Property Rights fairly and reward contributions rather than one winning solution only. For this we want to use the Blockchain. We currently have use cases from the building, textile, furniture, car and medical industry.
I am looking for people/organizations that want to support our idea and/or would like to try our solutions in the case that we get the funding from the EU.

If you would like to support us or if you have questions, please PM me or leave a message in this thread (preferrably naming the FabLab you work with). I can provide a template for a Letter of Intent to formalize the support. This would be no legally-binding committment of course but its always good to have paper if you apply for money :slight_smile:.

Thanky you and best regards