Lab location problem


I add a new fab lab, but in “registration form” or in “edit lab details” in Lab Location dont show the map for drag the maker in the map.


Hi Luís, AFAIK the actual coordinates will be derived from what you fill in the address fields of the “edit lab details”. The coordinates then are stored in your fab record (see below) and your lab will appear as a pin on the map (eg go to labs /spain and you find this map) automatically. No dragging anymore. BTW, in your fab’s record latitude and longitude are Null so far. Maybe you should give it another try.

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Pieter van der Hijden

Example fab record:

{“id”:2705,“name”:“A Industriosa”,“kind_name”:“fab_lab”,“parent_id”:null,“blurb”:“A Industriosa is a non-profit association that manages and promotes a fab lab in the city of Vigo.”,“description”:“A Industriosa is a space where makers, technological communities and companies have the necessary equipment to carry out their projects. A meeting point to learn, share and build.\r\n\r\nThe objective of A Industriosa is to promote open and participatory community development, learning, peer to peer, co-production and entrepreneurship activities. We strive to incubate knowledge and experiential learning, prototype concepts and ideas for professionals or students and provide facilities for individual or collective DIY projects.\r\n\r\nWe additionally implement a programme of activities around workshops organized and carried out by its members or in coordination with external collaborators. “,“slug”:“aindustriosa”,“avatar_url”:“",“header_url”:“”,“address_1”:"Rúa Barcelona, 13”,“address_2”:””,“city”:“Vigo”,“county”:“Pontevedra”,“postal_code”:“36203”,“country_code”:“ES”,“latitude”:null,“longitude”:null,“address_notes”:"",“phone”:“659346122”,“email”:"",“capabilities”:[“three_d_printing”,“circuit_production”,“laser”,“precision_milling”],“activity_status”:“active”,“links”:[{“id”:40947,“url”:“"},{“id”:40946,“url”:“”},{“id”:40945,“url”:“”},{“id”:40944,“url”:"”}]}

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Very thanks! I will wait :slight_smile:

Have a nice day! :wink:

@osdiaz have you fixed your lab location on the map? this might help you as well.