Lab safety instructions

Hello from Moscow!

Since I am now in charge of fablab, i want to make sure that everyone in the lab is safe.

Could you please help me:

  • Do you make your guest makers to go through the safety instructions?
  • Is written manual or an oral introduction?
  • Do you have some kind of document to be signed?
  • Is it just a general safety precautions or a separate document for each machine?

There is this document by Autodesk:

dedicated to CNC milling machines which has a brilliant part of safety in the beginning, maybe some of you can share similar documents for other machines (laser, lathe, 3dprinter, plastic recycling etc)?
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Great idea, i had a basic set of rules in my previous FabLab.

But now i need to make better ones, building a fablab in a school with 1000+students

Maybe we can help each other out

Found it, not sure if readable

Not specific to any machine, but general rule and guideline

Dear Anton,

Welcome in the forum and sorry for the delay.

We developed the Fab Lab Safety Game, a non-computer game to come to a risk inventory and safety plan for your fab lab. See:

Contact me if you need more information.

All the best,
Pieter van der Hijden